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Research Activities of Vidyadeep Foundation

Sr. No. Research Activity
1. Collaborative Online International Learning with Computational Thinkers for Action Research.
2. Study of Lean Startup Methodology with Lean Critical Tools and Lean Research Framework for sustainability of Startups.
3. Comparative Study of Social Entrepreneurship Models and its Evolution
4. Study on Designing a Framework for Curriculum of Social Entrepreneurship Education
5. A Case Study on Digital Women Micro-Entrepreneurship
6. Study on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) systems and funding to the CSOs (Community Service Organisations: Social Enterprises) in India
7. Study on the parameters Inclusive Social Entrepreneurship
8. Study on Career Aptitude tests and its parameters.

Prof. Dr. Dipak Tatpuje
Mr. Satish Shende
Dr. Rupali Shevale
Research Advisor
Vidyadeep Foundation
Research Associate
Vidyadeep Foundation
Post Doctoral Fellow 2023-24
Vidyadeep Foundation